The Relief of Pain

Yesterday was a Friday and good on all accounts.  With my new job I no longer have to work on Saturdays AND is is Labor Day weekend so not only do I get a two day weekend, I get to tack on a third day for good humor.  On top of that, yesterday was the day I got my dragon tattoo colored in – I got the outline in March of 2011 so this has been a long time coming and it is my birthday gift to me!

My initial outline – March 2011
Milo is naked and unhappy about it.

Getting the outline was not fun.  Everyone asks if it hurt…well duh!  It hurt so bad towards the end I cried.  Not hiccupping-dear-sweet-god-kill-me sobs or anything.  But my eyes were definitely leaking – kind of like dear-sweet-god-that-food-was-spicy leaking.  So when people asked me if the color would hurt I just said,  “no, it only tickles a little.”

Milo is colored and much happier now!
(Also an Ed Hardy design. In case you think he looks familiar, it’s because he does!)

Three hours of work and now Milo has color.  There is still about an hours worth of work left but it got to the point where I was trying to flinch, and that’s just no bueno. When that little needle is pressing on your ribs and drumming out a rapid beat over, and over, and over it does not feel pleasant.  Especially since he was doing the same area over and over again with different colors.  I had my fill and my body was protesting.  But even though he isn’t finished he still look way better than the plain ole black outline. (by the way my artist was Sneker One – if you live in Dallas you should check him out.  He didn’t do the outline but my ex informed me that I couldn’t go back to my original artist so…I had to improvise.)

While this was all going on I decided instead of telling myself that it would hurt I just told myself pain was temporary, and it worked for the most part.  When he hit on my hip bone or my ribs it was a little more difficult to let the pain go but instead of grimacing I just smiled and laughed – when I DID grimace I noticed that it actually made the pain worse.  It is amazing the power your mind has over your body.  I also took the time to practice my meditation and breathing, and let me tell you, it does wonders!  Except when you can’t breath in because your body is so tense from the needles poking your ribs – nothing took the pain away then.

Breakdown of this week:

  1. Started my new job and actually woke up not dreading going to work.
  2. Started to get over HIM a little more.  May even be able to start moving on…not on to a new guy but on with my life.
  3. Possibly found a roommate and apartment.
  4. Realized that I haven’t been this happy in quite awhile – I had forgotten what it felt like.
  5. Finally got some color on Milo

All in all I would say it was a great week!  And it will be a great weekend!


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  1. Only last night, after I shut off my PC, I remembered what you posted about getting ink finished yesterday and forgot to wish good luck.That looks really nice… definetely worth the pain.

    I heard the ribs are hard. Try to think of it this way: next time when you get it finished think that someone else is getting way worse – like the entire back, lots of shadding and lines and colors on top of the spine, shoulder blades and ribs at once. And inside both arms. If you don’t mind me asking, why you couldn’t finish with the original artist? And why is the crystal ball on the wrong claw… it’s usually on the front right claw as a simbol of luck, prosperity and growth in life (if I’m not mistaken).

    I know it’s hard for you to take a compliment and I don’t mean to sound like a douche, but GOOD. LORD. LASS. you. look. GREAT. 🙂 If you don’t get a model career looking the way you do, then modelling and fashion experts are idiots.

    Have a great weekend…

    • This is difficult to explain but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. It only really got bad when he was on color number (what felt like) 2,000 that I finally really started feeling it. And it is funny you talk about the back because I want that next…a really large piece of artwork that will probably hurt.

      And it IS in his front right claw, the image is just mirrored. Like I said, if you look up Ed Hardy dragon you will see the original.

      Thanks for the compliment, but there are a million girls out there like me (and even more who have better bodies) so I won’t be holding my breath haha

      • Ouch you too. What are you planning for your back? may I suggest something colorful, you have such great skin for bright colorful tattoos. I’m pretty sure I’m screw with the coloring on mine then… Irezumi style only has 3 to 7 sets of color and they are all the same shade. At least its not Tebori technique (google that, you’ll freak out). I’m actually considering tattooing an entire book.

        There may be more girls that look like you out there (or better, as you put), but I doubt any of them have your sincerity or think of achievable goals. You gain extra points for being nice, smart and strong (and the dork part is a bonus). 🙂

        And two more things: Milo? where did you get that name? and can I follow you on twitter? it’ll get easy for to see if you have new blog posts (after finding you on facebook I’d rather ask first).

      • I was thinking of getting a big phoenix but I’m not positive yet. And I know about Tebori and I think it would be cool to try it…I may not be able to take it but it sure would be an interesting experience! You want to tattoo an entire book? Which book?

        I don’t know where I got the name, it just came to me. And yes you can follow me on Twitter…I hardly ever use it anyway lol

      • Okay, you are crazier than I am when it comes to tattoos. I’m pretty sure that are a couple of places in your country that does Tebori. Such a cool technique, takes forever, but the colors are impressively bright and beautiful. I could try to get it done in Japan when I got my shit together, but the Tebori Horishis there are quite popular among Yakuza.

        My intention is to get Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War either in original chinese kanji or japanese kanji. I’ll place in my left arm as a sleeve. But I doubt I’ll have the space, so I’ll just tattoo my favorite chapters. The back piece will be tricky; samurai holding old rifle (with my favorite quote by Sun Tzu), with a dragon that starts on the left side of my hip, goes behind the samurai and ends on my right arm with the head above the elbow. With a background of flames for protection. Also, a Irezumi style hawk on my right chest and a Metallica logo on my left chest (only non-japanese one I’ll have). If things go right, I’m also considering scarification.

        I know its a “little” late, but… happy birthday lol.

  2. Glad to read that you had a better week. Very impressive tattoo. :0)

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