There isn’t anything really extraordinary about me.  I don’t have any unique abilities, I don’t possess great knowledge, and I certainly don’t have a handle on this whole life…thing.  But, I am who I am, and I don’t make excuses.  I would try and describe myself but I have tried that before and the best I could come up with was this:  I am a walking contradiction.

But last night someone asked me about my writing.  He asked if I thought any of my books had any promise; if I thought I had a chance at getting them published and without even stopping to think about it I answered him this:

“I think things will happen to a person only when they are ready.  I think the power of our thoughts can control our world and its outcome.  So, yes, my books have promise.  And when I am ready, they will be published.”

Maybe that doesn’t give you any insight to who I am, but I think it explains a lot.

  1. “There isn’t anything really extraordinary about me.” I disagree. There is something incredibly special in everyone. Sometimes we just need to look a bit deeper.

    • I feel like I have already looked as deep as I can. I still come up with the same thing. Maybe it’s only extraordinary in other people’s eyes.

      • I don’t know if you believe in God and I promise I am not trying to preach at you but I believe that when He sees you (and He sees you more truly than anyone, including yourself) He sees more beauty than in all the heavens. The most precious stones on Earth are buried deep and you cannot always reach them with just a shovel. Look, I don’t know you and I’m not trying to blow some “feel good” smoke up your butt. I just absolutely believe everyone has something wonderful and valuable inside of them and I think it is a tragedy when they cannot see it. I wish I knew you. I’m a good digger.

  2. I believe in something, but I don’t what I would call it. Also, I feel like you just called me tragic lol

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