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Reasons to Smile – Part 2!

It is time for Reasons to Smile post number two.  Fair warning though, if you don’t like birds or squirrels this one might not make YOU smile.  But I have a treat at the end, so just scroll down there!

#1 reason to smile to day?  IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I am officially 24…but I maintain that I am 22, I like that number much better.

Today I thought I would focus on a day spent at the Arboretum with my mom and a friend.  And the fuzzy snugglies we found along the way.

We began our visit with a nice picnic in the park area.  One of the first things I spot is this guy:

You might not like birds, but I LOVE birds.  From a distance.  And not in my house.  I especially love brightly colored birds and this guy was just too good to pass up, I whipped out my camera and, on über-ultra zoom, I snapped some pictures.  As I always do, I named him, but I have since forgotten his name.  Sorry little guy, you aren’t important to me anymore.

Anywho, the entire reason we came was to celebrate my mom’s birthday (I see a trend!) and I thought it would be fun to pack a lunch and enjoy the nice day.  When we get there and start getting everything out of the picnic basket we notice something is missing…  We remembered condiments, cheese, and even lettuce, but we forgot the meat.  So, meatless and amused we compromised and had plain ole cheese sandwiches!  And we decided to share them with this little fella:

I always want to lure squirrels to me when I am in a park because, not-so-secretly, I want to have a squirrel as a pet.  Oddly enough my mom and friend were in on it and we began tearing the extra bread apart and tossing the pieces towards him.

At first he stopped and nibbled on his own scrumptious goodies and gave us a nice view of his manhood.  I decided to name him Tedward because I couldn’t decide between Ted and Edward (this was before I had ever heard of Twilight, I promise), but called him Ted for short.  As he sits and tastes his victuals, we continue on ours, hoping our nibbles of bread will lure him into our trap of cuddles and kisses.

Out of nowhere he springs into this position:

We assume this means Ted is on to us and is going to flit away, mocking our attempts.

But, no.  Instead he does this:

Yup!  That’s right folks, our plan is working!!  Little Tedward is slowly making his way towards us, lured by food.  If only we’d had Cheetos, he would have been in our laps in no time.

I remember when I was still under three feet and could count my age on one hand my family was in California and we were eating our lunch in some forest/park and the squirrels were not shy at all, they came right up to our table and took the Cheetos right off our plates.  Like we had invited them or something.  Maybe that’s why I want a squirrel as a pet, our mutual love of all things Cheeto-y…

Once Ted finished a few pieces of bread and gets within touching distance of our little picnic:

He turns around and leaves.  So typical.  Use us for food and then leave.  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY FOR CUDDLES AND KISSES!!

Knowingly this guy snickers, I swear, he snickered at us!

Him I didn’t name.

Once we admitted defeat we packed up our picnic and strolled around looking at all the beauty that nature has to offer.  I would put up some of my Arboretum pictures but I am already planning a flower post and I don’t want to repeat pictures.

As we were leaving, we passed by our spot in the park and who do we see??  Our little Tedward, back for more!

He missed us.  Can’t you tell?!?

You might not have smiled thinking about luring a squirrel into your lap, maybe you think they are rodents with fluffly tails.  You are probably be right.  But I also happen to LOVE mice and rats.  Call me crazy!  No, seriously, call me crazy.  I promise I am.  However, I have decided to give you anti-squirrel-rodent people something to smile at.  Or maybe laugh at.

Ready for it??  I give you…


I give you Bear and Evi, respectively.  Also lovingly known as Bearykins, Burr, Butch, Evikins, Evester Beavster, or Evel Knievel.

Now tell me you didn’t smile.

To end post number two I will remind everyone to never overlook the small things.  Looking back, it is always the little moments, or the spontaneous trips that bring me the most happiness and make the best memories.  Make every day the best it can be!  And don’t forget to SMILE!!

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